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The name Chris Thompson is synonymous with two things: altruism and real estate. An eleventh generation Bahamian, Chris comes from a long and impressive line of real estate developers and entrepreneurs; the Marsh Harbour International Airport is named after his father.

Chris grew up on the shores of Hope Town watching his father, grandfather and uncles' pioneering efforts as they developed the Abaco Islands into the charming communities we know them as today. After attending Florida Air Academy- where he obtained his commercial pilot's license, and the University of Central Florida where he met his late wife Peggy, Chris returned to his native home in Hope Town to work alongside his family where he developed some of the most breathtaking residential homes, estates, resorts and marinas such as Matt Lowe's Cay, Treasure Cay (and it's Dick Wilson-designed golf course), Boat Harbour and Elbow Cay's Firefly Sunset Resort to name just a few. His comprehensive and unparalleled knowledge of the local laws and legislations make Chris one of the most sought after and highly regarded real estate developers in the Abacos.

Chris has three children; his eldest daughter Jade is a chiropractor who recently married her high school sweetheart- a Navy Seal, and is currently living in Southern California. His daughter Shannon works for a small family owned real estate firm in La Jolla, CA where she can be close to her big sister, and son Dylan is following in his father's footsteps, working side by side with Chris at The Thompson Group and carrying on the family legacy.

When Chris is not working, you can often find him barefoot with a surfboard under one arm and calling out to Dylan "Come on son, we've got a board meeting!" He also enjoys spearfishing, boating, biking, sailing and entertaining at his home in Hope Town with his wife Holly and their three dogs.
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